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Are you a victim of the “Green Guilt”? The guilt that silently taps your shoulder when you read about the large amount of fertilizers released to the environment while growing the cotton that is used to fabricate the t-shirt you are wearing right now, and the same guilt that materializes in your mind when you see your detergent go down the drain and join its nasty siblings to pollute the water system and claim a lot many aquatic lives besides being toxic to us too. 

We know that you’re perfectly aware of the grave danger the environment is in, we do believe you when you say that you desperately want to do your bit for saving mother Earth. Fear not, O friend of the nature, we’re here to block the perpetual assaults of this green guilt from scraping your golden (or rather green) heart. What we have for you will not only help you soothe your conscience but also render a sense of pride within you when you realise that you’re helping a lot many elements besides the environment.

A range of eco-friendly products that are manufactured by NGO’s, craftsmen, artisans and Green entrepreneurs that not only suit your pockets but have a little too many advantages which we sum up for you -:

  • You’ve probably heard about the small NGO’s that are struggling to exist amidst their fight against environment. You’ve actually considered donating to them but then you realised that your purse does not agree with you. Check this, all you have to do is buy from them (via us) those same products which you would have brought anyways for your household. You obviously get a tangible product in return for your cash and they get the much needed money to continue their operations.
  • Moreover, these products that you buy are as friendly to the nature as the trees itself. And you’ve finally got rid of yourself from the constant stabs on your conscience.
  • By buying these products you’re building up a market for them, indirectly giving support to many NGO’s and independent small scale artists and craftsmen and encouraging more and more people to manufacture products made from recycled paper, recycled plastic, take up organic farming. You help sustain rural livelihoods and prevent people from migrating to cities in desperation.
  • While incorporating these products into your daily lives, people surrounding you tend to notice your habits, and as much a role model as you are, they themselves get inspired by you and turn pass this on to their sphere. Thus, effectively forming a chain of people geared up to fiercely battle it out for nature.

Thus, unknowingly just by switching from your general store to, you are playing a very crucial role, and while doing your “bit” for the environment you’ve done a lot more, so that you can hold your head proud as you’ve just kicked that “green guilt” right in its face.